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As technology has changed, homeowners are demanding more out of their windows than ever before. Gone are the days where windows were considered an afterthought in the layout and overall function of the home. Today’s windows are considered essential design features that positively contribute to a home’s overall energy efficiency and security.

At Windows, Doors & More, we pride ourselves in offering the most innovative, energy efficient window technology available. Windows with built-in solar screens enable any homeowner to control how much heat and natural light enters their home. Considering the heat of an Idaho summer, this is highly beneficial. Not to mention, these windows help protect your home’s décor by eliminating glare and UV ray penetration. Along the same lines, we offer the perfect composite window with built-in thermal blinds that provides double the insulating value of a standard window.

More Than Just A Window

Not only do our composite windows come backed with the Energy Star stamp of approval, but they keep heat outside in the summer and the cold outside in the winter. They also provide widened exterior views and bold, smooth lines, enhancing the beauty of any home. Some models even have retractable insect screens that not only keep mosquitoes away, but also vanish into the window’s frame when not being used.

However, our windows are not just beautiful and energy efficient, they serve important home security functions as well. We offer windows that can be opened using handles instead of cranks. These windows are great for older adults and people with disabilities, or anyone in need of quick escape access. If you want the most secure new construction or replacement windows around, we provide windows with stainless steel cam and multi-point locking systems. These windows have been tested by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and received the highest security rating possible for a residential window.

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